Experienced Commercial and Domestic Professionals in Epsom, Surrey and Surrounding Areas

The Services We Offer

At London Bespoke Homes Ltd we help you to create something amazing. As specialists in domestic and commercial building, we know what it takes to make a bespoke home that you’ll love. Based in Epsom, Surrey, our services are available to those in the wider county, as well as in London. Let our professional team use its skills to create something beautiful.


We have developed over the years a very effective working relationship with our architects being able to use the science of their design to see the art in their vision and we communicate these with the team step by step.

New Build Homes

Working closely with the architects and the client we enjoy creating new and exciting projects that are functional homes. Our aim is to create the bespoke and unique home required whether it be Classical, Contemporary, Energy efficient, Sustainable, or even Prefabricated.


Among many of our refurbishment and renovation projects we have had the pleasure of returning a Victorian Theatre to its previous state. 

We have undertaken projects that require our specialist knowledge in relation to heritage building and the bespoke requirements involved. 

We have worked on existing buildings to improve their environmental performance using sustainable methods and materials.


We work closely with you the client, to create the best use of the extra space you need for whatever type of property Victorian, Elizabethan, Edwardian, Regency and commercial.

Ground Investigation

We can recommend a team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers to provide a comprehensive site investigation service, that we have frequently used in the past. The information obtained from this service can reduce project risks.

Site Clearance

We are environmentally aware when clearing a site for construction or demolishing buildings.


We use reliable and efficient scaffolding operatives for the erection, alteration and dismantling of scaffolding structures, that adhere to the safety guidance’s and good working practices within the scaffolding industry.


We can design and create your outside space to compliment the building to maximise its full potential with our design and build team.